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Why your hair mask doesn’t work? TOP mistakes explained

Not everyone knows how to use hair masks. We often hear girls whining because some mask made their hair flat, frizzy, dull or stringy but it rarely happens that a mask is the wrongdoer. The problem may be caused by us using the product incorrectly.

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What mistakes do you make?

You apply too much mask

So you think the more product you apply, the better the result? Nope, it doesn’t work this way. If you over-apply, you can count on greasy, stringy, dull strands after blow-drying. You may use a slightly bigger amount if you use your mask as a pre-wash treatment because then you rinse the hair thoroughly using both the shampoo and water.

You wash the mask out way too fast

The mask doesn’t have enough time to fully penetrate the hair if you wash it out right away. You just let the mask sit for 2 or 3 minutes? Make sure you apply it sparingly. Ideally, use a large amount prior to shampooing. Leave the product in for around 30 minutes and shampoo the hair.

You shampoo the hair the wrong way

If your shampooing routine is incorrect the mask is likely to fail. Believe it or not, you might be washing your tresses all wrong. You may use a wrong shampoo, incorrectly wash the scalp or fail to wash the shampoo out thoroughly. If you use a mask on wrongly washed hair you’re going to be left with frizzy, flat, limp, greasy, dull-looking strands. In other words, the right shampooing is the basic step to take if you want stunning tresses.

You use the wrong hair mask

If a mask doesn’t go with your hair type, it won’t bring desired effects. You must match the product to your tresses. First, try to define if your hair has low, medium or high porosity. Is it dry, dull and damaged or thick and dense?

Thick masks make a good match with extremely dry, damaged, thinning hair while thick hair needs a mask featuring silicones and plenty of oils.

Highly-porous hair can’t be treated to coconut oil and herb overload. Nearly everything works for this type provided that you use it sparingly. Remember that you can easily make your tresses suffer from the protein overload. Never overapply oils or silicone-laden products.

You don’t distribute the product evenly

If you just apply the mask chaotically, it won’t manage to penetrate all parts of the hair to enhance it throughout the length. Surely the effect won’t be stunning. Divide the hair into sections and cover each one with the mask. Use a wide-tooth comb to make sure the product is spread evenly.

You don’t wash the mask out fully

The mask won’t make your hair smooth, shiny and lovey if you don’t rinse it well. You will get the adverse effect – slimy, dull-looking strands.

There are some leave-in masks too – to get the best results you need to apply a minimal amount after washing the hair.

When you wash the mask out, remember to put your mind to it. Firstly, use warm water and massage the product out, trying to reach all corners of the hair. Finally, use lukewarm water to seal the cuticles for smoothness.

You apply the mask to soaking wet hair

Firstly, you need to squeeze out the water excess. If you skip this step, there is no chance the mask will be absorbed fully. If you apply it on wet hair, it’s going to run down.

You put the mask near the scalp

Please, don’t. If your hair roots aren’t very dry, you shouldn’t apply the mask on the scalp. Use the product on the parts that are the driest and the most damaged.

You use nothing but masks

A mask is sometimes insufficient to make the hair lovely and glossy. You can make it work better by adding a few drops of pure oil or silicone-based serum.

Ideally, use your mask after keeping a hair oil in dry hair. This way the oil and the mask intensify each other’s effect. After washing the mask out you can use a silicone-enriched serum.

You use the same product all the time…

Your hair shouldn’t get used to one product because it’s going to have a worse effect gradually. Use the mask twice a week tops because the overload doesn’t benefit the tresses.

Your problems may be caused by the fact that you don’t know your hairdo very well. You must go through a lot of products to see which one works best for your hair. Keep an eye on your strands to see how they react to different products and draw conclusions. This way you will finally find the perfect cosmetic.

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