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6 Tips for Naturally and Healthly Beautiful Nails

You don’t have to visit the salon on a regular basis in order to have beautiful nails. The combination of a well-balanced diet, a thoughtful beauty regimen, and good personal hygiene can give you salon-worthy nails at a fraction of the cost and chemical burden.

1. Use moisturizer
When rubbing lotion or oil into your hands, make sure you work it into the cuticles and nails, too. Regular handwashing or use of hand sanitizer can dry out the skin and nail bed quickly, so try to moisturize after every wash, if possible.

Use moisturizer - hand and nail care

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2. Care for your cuticles
Avoid having your cuticles trimmed during a manicure. Cuticles are meant to be a barrier for bacteria, and cutting them can lead to painful infections. You can moisten and push them back with a cuticle pusher, and trim away only dead pieces of skin.

3. Avoid using harsh polish
Nail polish typically contains very toxic chemicals such as toluene, dibutyl phthalate, dimethyl and diethyl phthalates, camphor, and formaldehyde. Fortunately, companies such as OPI, Orly, Sally Hansen, and Revlon make some polishes that do not contain these chemicals, but make sure you read the label carefully before purchasing. You can also buy water-based polishes, which don't last as long but are the safest option out there.

Nail Polish

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4. Buff instead of color
It may not be as fancy or eye-catching as color, but a bit of buffing can go a long ways. Take the time to trim, file, and buff your nails properly and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how great they can look, despite being au naturel. 

5. Choose a good remover
You can get acetone-free remover almost anywhere, which is less harsh on your nails. There are removers made from soy, corn, fruit acids and vanilla.

6. Eat well
Diet is very important to maintaining healthy nails. Protein is crucial, as are omega-3 fatty acids. Eating foods with vitamin B reduces brittleness; zinc gets rid of white spots; iron prevents ridges from forming;4 calcium keeps them strong; vitamins A and C prevents dullness and drying. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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