Paralympic athlete Maiara Barreto joins once more Inoar brand as its g – Kira the Cat

Paralympic athlete Maiara Barreto joins once more Inoar brand as its global ambassador

For the second time the athlete is invited by Inoar to become its ambassador representing globally its products and campaigns


São Paulo, September 03, 2021 - INOAR, Brazilian cosmetics brand most knowledgeable on beauty and diversity, introduces Maiara Barreto – its newest ambassador.

Inoar Cosmetics chooses Paralympic athlete, Maiara Barreto, as ambassador

For the second time, the Paralympic athlete model and pharmacist is invited by the brand to be its ambassador, representing globally its products and campaigns. The model who has reduced mobility took part of Inoar’s #Different Campaign an initiative launched to promote inclusive beauty as a symbol of the brand’s representativeness in 2015.

Born in São José dos Campos, in the interior of the State of São Paulo, she graduated in Pharmacy by the University of São Paulo and always practiced swimming. But only in 2009, after a motorcycle accident, she faced the sport as a lifestyle. The swimming pools helped the rehabilitation of her quadriplegia, and it did not take long for her to become a high-level athlete.

 An incredible amount of will force and perseverance are added to the qualities of this pharmacist who won the silver medal in the 50 meters backstroke, class S3, at the Parapan American Games of 2019 in Lima, Peru.

Recently Maiara took part in the Tokyo Paralympic games wining a 4th place in the quest for gold along important athletes from Europe and United States.

 Maiara Barreto Paralympic athlete and pharmacist

“To become Inoar’s ambassador is a privilege. I am very honored and hope that this movement of becoming an ambassador of a beauty brand will be the beginning and the entry way to help more and more people to achieve these opportunities” says the parathlete.

Inoar always had a social role based on the transforming power of beauty, that goes beyond hair transformation, because it focuses on an entrepreneurship accessible to everyone, no distinctions being made.

“Representativeness is a mandatory word in the beauty world, and for Inoar is a reality that became the brand’s day-to-day motto, since 2015 I make a point of including in our campaigns persons with different profiles, next to models or not, in order to stress the beauty of diversity. Therefore I invited Maiara Barreto, Paralympic athlete and pharmacist to become our new ambassador” states Inocência Manoel, Inar’s cofounder.

About Inoar

Brazilian company, reference in the local and international markets, Inoar Cosmetics brings in its DNA, the creation of products inspired in different profiles of persons, with innovation, state of the art technology and the know-how of those who understand the needs of professionals and end consumers.