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3 Tips for Healthy Hair by Novex


We are experiencing a new reality in our lives, with limited access to the outside. But, one thing cannot and should not change - our routine! When we talk about routine, we also have to include our personal care, which is amazing we have more time to take care of ourselves! So, we decided to leave some tips, to boost your beauty ritual!

Tip # 1 - Hydration!

Now the excuses for dry, damaged hair are gone! The Novex Coconut Oil collection, enriched with 100% pure Brazilian coconut oil and vitamin E, is perfect for deep hydration. It is ideal to revive dry, rebellious and frizzy hair. While maintaining the natural moisture, prolonging for much longer the smooth and straight effect. Coconut oil is a natural substance extremely nourishing and moisturizing. It has a high concentration of elements that strengthens the hair structure leaving it protected and resistant to external agents. 

Let it act for 10 minutes, and you will see IMMEDIATE results - a much softer, hydrated hair, without frizz and with a wonderful smell!! Don't forget to finish off with Novex Coconut Oil Leave In Conditioner. Say goodbye to unruly and lifeless hair!Novex Coconut Oil Deep Hair Mask

Tip # 2: Restore Strength!

It is not new, but whenever we are at home we tend to put our hair up and be more comfortable! This simple act can break the capillary strands and thus cause the fall by breaking. But, we have the solution to strengthen your hair! The Novex Super Aloe Vera range products! Did you know that Aleo Vera has a conditioning and a restorative action that leaves the hair strong and healthy? That is why it is ideal for restoring strength, restoring elasticity and combating hair breakage. Try the complete line for true capillary bio strengthening from root to ends!

Novex Aloe Vera Deep Hair Mask

Tip # 3: Repair and Protect!

You might not be able to go to the hairdresser anytime soon? Therefore, you have to be extra careful with your hair to avoid any type of damage! And, nothing better than the miraculous line Novex Argan Oil, with oil extracted directly from the Argania Spinosa Moroccan tree. Did you know that this tree only exists in the desert of Morocco, and 100 kg of seeds are needed to obtain only 1 liter of product? Also known as the “Moroccan Gold”, it is extremely moisturizing, strengthens the hair fiber, restores shine and hair fiber. And, that's why this is the perfect line to keep your hair healthy, and to keep the scissors away for much longer!

Novex Argan Oil Deep Hair Mask

You have these 3 tips for amazing hair, don't keep these secrets to yourself, share them with your family and friends! Let's take care of our hair, and spread beauty every day!

Very soon all these Novex products will be available at Kira the Cat in Australia. Stay tuned to not miss anything!